I received my Master’s in Mechanical Engineering from Isfahan University of Technology. I am interested in Optimization Algorithms, Computational Mechanics, Applied Mathematics, Finite Element Method, Mechanical Design, Coding (Python، Ruby ،FORTRAN ،HTML ،PHP ،JavaScript ،C++ ،Css), Computational intelligence, Web Development and Design, also playing football, tennis, swimming, biking; travelling; reading poems, etc.


Beheshti Esmaeil

Date of Birth:              19.04.90
Address:                      Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran
Phone:                        +98 935 139 7030
Email:                          ibm_ruby[at]yahoo.com
Website:                     blog.beheshti.id.ir


2012 2015

Isfahan University of Technology


I received my Master’s in Mechanical Engineering from  Isfahan University of Technology (IUT) in 2015. My thesis was on the optimization method and Optimization of hot strip mill parameters for minimize strip Flatness.

Thesis Topic: Study of of dimensional defects in strip rolling and optimization using neural network and evolutionary algorithms

Supervisor: M. Salimi, Prof.

Thesis Score: /20

M.Sc. Score: 17/20

2008 2012

Semnan University

Bachelor of Science

I received my Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from Semnan University in 2012, My field Study was Robotics.

Thesis Topic: Kinematics and Statics Analysis of Planar Cable-Direct-Driven Robots

Supervisor: A. Nikoobin, Assist.Prof.

Thesis Score: 19.5/20

BSc. Score: 16/20


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Esmaeil Beheshti - اسماعیل بهشتی